The Zen Center offers Introduction to Zen Practice workshops monthly throughout the year in both Monroe and Palatine. These workshops provide practitioners with basic, practical information on how to meditate, how to establish regular home and daily Zen practice, the aims of practice, and what opportunities for additional or more advanced practice are offered. Attendance at an introductory workshop is required of anyone who would like to become a member of the Great Plains Zen Center.

Please check our calendar for upcoming workshops.

Workshops are half-day events (8:30 to 11:30 AM) and are held both in Monroe, WI and Palatine, IL First-time workshop participants are asked to make a $25 donation. (Students and seniors only pay $15, and there is no charge for repeating the workshop.) Please wear dark, loose-fitting clothes for workshop. For comfort and decorum, we ask that participants refrain from wearing shorts and jeans. Sweatpants or other comfortable, soft pants are preferable and will allow participants to try different seated meditation postures to determine what is most comfortable for them.

Those who have completed the Introduction to Zen Practice Workshop are invited to continue learning by attending the four Aspects of Zen Practice classes.