Waking up to Race and Privilege Study Group

As Buddhists, we come to observe how creating an “other” leads to a sense of separation in ourselves, disharmony in the community and eventually the entrenchment of systemic prejudice and injustice that is hard to uproot. We are offering a 7 month study group to help those of us socialized as “white” as we investigate white privilege, racism, intersectionality, dominance and other often unacknowledged forces as they impact our thoughts, speech and actions and the communities around us. We hope to provide participants with the tools – through reading, personal reflection and council practice – to combat white supremacy and work toward a just and sustainable society – as we let go of unhelpful views and attitudes in ourselves that prevent us from seeing clearly. Doing this work allows us to move forward in creating true racial justice in the world around us.

Our first meeting will be Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017 from 10:30-1:00 with light refreshments. Each month, we will meet for two and a half hours the first Saturday of every month with both online and in-person participation available for each meeting. Between meetings, there will be required readings. The December meeting is open to anyone wanting to decide if the group is a good fit for them. After that, we ask people to commit to coming to all of the remaining 6 monthly sessions so that a cohesive and safe learning environment can be created for this often difficult, awkward but highly rewarding inquiry can occur. We can change a particular monthly meeting date if agreeable to all group members, so there is some flexibility possible, but we'll aim for the first Saturday of every month. After signing up, you will receive a reading list to be completed prior to the first meeting. Please contact Myoyu Roshi with questions.

Please sign up online here and note that the suggested donation of $70 is not due until after the December meeting. We will probably create a closed Facebook group to share between meetings and to post news and curriculum for each month.