Rohatsu 2021 All Day Sitting

12/11/2021, 9:30am - 4:00pm at Myoshinji

Our Annual Rohatsu All Day Sitting that takes place Saturday, December 11 2021. The retreat begins at 9:30 and ends with the Gate of Sweet Nectar Ceremony at 4 PM. This retreat is especially significant as it commemorates the Enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha, also called Bodhi Day. It is a time to deeply investigate the grave matter – the question “who am I ?” Regardless of what challenges we experience in our lives and communities and in the world itself, there is still this question that we alone can address.

Upon his enlightenment, Shakyamuni Buddha was challenged by the delusive voice of Mara, demanding proof of the authenticity of his experience. In response, he touched the earth with his right hand, asking her to bear witness to the truth he had realized, the fundamental non-separateness (selflessness) of all things. Please come and touch the ground of the Great Earth, confirming this ancient truth for yourself.

The retreat will include zazen (seated meditation), kinhin (walking meditation), a talk by Myoyu Roshi, and a vegetarian lunch. Dokusan (face to face meeting with Myoyu Roshi) will be offered during this retreat.

At 4:00 PM. we will hold the Gate of Sweet Nectar Ceremony. Please remember to bring non-perishable goods to be donated to the Palatine Township Food Pantry following the ceremony. As we know, the numbers of families struggling to pay bills and feed children has increased dramatically due to the pandemic and these donations are vital.

Space permitting, participants are welcome to spend Friday night and/or Saturday night at the Zen Center especially if they have travelled a distance to attend.

Please read the following information carefully relating to COVID-19 precautions, use of induction stove, parking, suggested donation and registration.

COVID-Related Precautions:

  • We are requiring that anyone attending be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will now require proof of vaccination. If this poses a concern for you, please contact our retreat registrar, John Genshin Knewitz.
  • Participants will be seated in the zendo at least 6 feet apart and asked to maintain distance during kinhin and lunch service.
  • Masks must be worn indoors except when eating and participants will eat socially distanced and in silence. Participants will be encouraged to eat outdoors, weather permitting.
  • There is an option to attend this retreat virtually, for those unable to attend in person.
  • Please do not attend the retreat in person if you are ill and/or have any symptoms (COVID-related or not) that indicate a possible contagious illness.
  • Participants will be directed to wash their hands frequently and to wipe surfaces with disinfectant after use as appropriate.
  • Food preparation-related and other precautions recommended by CDC will be followed.
  • If procedural changes become necessary due to changes in pandemic guidelines, participants will be notified.

Induction Stove Precautions: Note that Great Plains Zen Center now uses an induction stove. If you have a pacemaker, please consult with your physician about precautions relating to pacemakers and induction stoves. It should be possible to attend the retreat with simple precautions, such as staying 2 feet away from the induction cooktop when it is in use or whatever your physician recommends.

Parking: Please plan to arrive between 8:30-9:15 AM during which time there will be someone outside to direct parking. 

Donation: The suggested donation for this retreat is $50. If this amount presents a hardship, please contribute what is comfortable for you. If you are able to contribute an additional amount to help offset the cost of scholarships, it will be gratefully accepted on GPZC websites's Dana page.

Registration: Please register by Monday, December 6th. Use the comments section on the registration page to indicate any food restrictions/allergies you have, if you will be staying overnight either night or if you plan to attend online.