Honoring the Way of Zazen Zazenkai

4/23/2021, 7:00pm - 4/25/2021, 8:00am at Online

Honoring the Way of Zazen Online Zazenkai will take place from Friday evening April 23 through Sunday morning, April 25. Sitting-only retreats originated as a tribute to the legendary Zen teacher, Bodhidharma, who often met inquiries from others with only resolute sitting. This is an intensive retreat with periods of zazen (sitting meditation) alternating with 10 minute periods of walking meditation throughout the day. It will include a total of 15 zazen periods, three more than during a typical retreat.

As with our other retreats, there will be a work period and time for rest. However, unlike other retreats, there will be no talks, no chanting services, and no dokusan (face to face meeting) with the teacher. Sitting on the Buddha's seat, we immerse ourselves in our practice throughout the day with determination, great faith and great questioning.

The zazenkai begins Friday evening at 7 PM with a brief overview of zazenkai precautions and opening remarks, followed by three periods of zazen, the Four Bodisattva Vows and 3 bows. On Saturday, we begin at 6 AM with 3 periods of zazen followed by a breakfast break. The mid-morning sitting starts at 9:30 AM with four periods of sitting (with kinhin between and a short break between the second and third periods). After the lunch break, the retreat continues with a self care period at 2 PM, a work period, and one period of zazen. After dinner, there are three more periods of zazen. Sunday morning begins at 6 AM with  two periods of zazen and a brief gathering after. Note that although there are no formal services during the retreat, we will do the chants that occur at the beginning or ending of some sitting periods as usual.

As always, this schedule is only a framework.  Some may wish to do more sitting, some may wish to substitute walking or a bodywork practice for some of the sitting.  You may find that you need more time for household chores and skip some activities.  During the sitting periods, we turn off our audio and video.

There will not be a formal charge for the Honoring the Way of Zazen Zazenkai. Instead, we invite you to make a free will donation of any amount on our Dana page. Please indicate in the comments that your donation is for the Honoring the Way of Zazen Zazenkai by Thursday, April 22. For more information or questions about the zazenkai, email Roshi at myoyu.roshi@greatplainszen.org.