Writing and Zen: Creativity and Obstacles

5/19/2019, 9:00am - 4:00pm at Myoshinji

Writing and Zen: Creativity and Obstacles:
A workshop with author Bonnie Myosen Nadzam

You and your life are fundamentally creative—arising spontaneously, intelligently, and wondrously. The writing process can lend itself quite well to revealing some of the obstacles that can freeze up, block, and derail this life force. Personal preferences, good ideas, value judgments, hurt feelings, our celebrity culture, a desire to be respected, admired, feared, loved...perhaps even a desire to publish...the endless whisperings of self-protection...there are a lot of obstacles to making art. In so far as we bring awareness to these obstacles on the page, we bring them to our lives, and insofar as we bring awareness of them in our lives, we bring them to the page.

In this 1 day workshop, writing assignments, discussion and Zen meditation will present us with opportunities to investigate each of our own obstacles with, hopefully, a little urgency and honesty. Where within you is the ground upon which you first felt compelled to make art, or write, in the first place? How well do you know that ground? Can you find it? Do you trust it?

Participants can expect to finish with workshop with several short pieces that might be lengthened or revised independently, and with new tools and strategies for navigating and working with the obstacles that arise during the writing/creative process.

Bonnie Nadzam is an American writer. Her fiction, essays and poetry have appeared in Harper’s, Orion Magazine, Granta, the Kenyon Review, Alaska Quartery Review, and many other journals. Her first novel, Lamb, was recipient of the Center for Fiction First Novel Prize, long-listed for the Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction in the UK, and was translated into several languages. The book was made into an award-winning independent film, Lamb, starring Ross Partridge and Oona Laurence and produced by Orchard.

Nadzam is co-author of Love in the Anthropocene with environmental ethicist Dale Jamieson. Her second novel, Lions, was released by Grove Atlantic in 2016 and was a Finalist for the PEN USA Literary Award in Fiction. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Environmental Studies from Carleton College, a Master of Fine Arts from (2004) and an MA and PhD from the University of Southern California (2010). Her third novel, 31, is forthcoming.

The workshop takes places at Great Plains Zen Center, W7762 Falk Rd., Monroe. Cost is $75 for members, $90 for all others. Student or senior scholarships available.

$75 for current members, $90 for others.