Preparing Our Ground for Winter: A Fall Work Day

10/16/2021, 9:30am - 4:30pm at Myoshinji

With Local Ecologist and Member, Nance Klehm

Join us for a day of outdoor work, camaraderie and learning as we continue to develop a respectful and sustainable relationship to our land that provides nutritious food and a harmonious space for our retreats and events.   During the workday, we'll accomplish some tasks that will further ongoing projects and we will learn a little about our land and some permaculture and regenerative agriculture techniques in the process.  Activities will include:

  • Sheet mulching in the orchard in preparation for planting fruit tree guilds in the spring
  • Sorting and preparing wood for biochar making later in the fall.
  • Consideration of potential “earthworks” (swales, berms, keylines) that could improve water management on our land.
  • And more...

During the day, we'll learn as we work, gaining a better understanding of the reasons for doing things as well as learning how to do them. Our efforts will contribute to the Zen Center's realizing of its environmental vision.  We will end with a short meditation and reflection (no previous experience necessary).

Nance Klehm is the director of Social Ecologies, an organization she describes as creating "durational projects that aim to build healthy habitat and interaction through direct engagement of place with those who dwell there. Social Ecologies seeks to encourage holistic, systematic thinking through varying levels and degrees of project participation.”  Read more about her here.

There is no charge for the workday. However, free-will donations to support Nance's work will be appreciated and accepted at our Dana webpage here. A light vegetarian lunch will be served. At this time, we are requiring all participants to show proof of COVID vaccination and to wear masks while inside (when not eating) and outside if closer than 3 feet from others. Part time participation is acceptable. Contact Roshi with questions.

Raindate: TBD. If the event takes place on a Sunday raindate, participants wanting to participate in person in the 7 PM Sunday night sitting in Palatine can leave earlier to allow themselves travel time.