7-Day Sesshin

7/8/2018, 8:00pm - 7/15/2018, 10:30am at Myoshinji

During our July seven-day sesshin, we will take the opportunity to study one of Zen's most treasured writings, the Genjokoan by Dogen Zenji, the Co-Founder of the Japanese Soto Zen School. This essay, written in 1233, is part of a larger work, Shobogenzo (The Treasury of the True Dharma Eye). Written shortly after the founding of a small practice center in Fukukusa called Kannondori, Genjokoan was given to one of Dogen Zenji's lay students. In this essay, Founding Teacher Dogen urges us to see and live our very life as the Way itself.

What better time to explore these timeless and profound words than during sesshin, when we are, in fact, living our practice moment after moment throughout the day? Each day of the sesshin, we will appreciate aspects of Maezumi Roshi's commentary on the Genjokoan, published in The Way of Everyday Life (Maezumi/Loori). All are welcome to sign up for this intensive practice opportunity.

This 7-day sesshin begins Sunday evening, July 8 and ends with the Gate of Sweet Nectar Ceremony on Sunday morning, July 15 (about 7 AM). The cost of the sesshin is $350 for members, $420 for non-members, which includes all meals and lodging. Part time participation is allowed for this sesshin, although full-time participation is encouraged in order to study the entire text.

Students typically have multiple opportunities for personal instruction (dokusan) with our teacher, Myoyu Roshi. There are work practice periods and talks by Myoyu Roshi or a senior student most days. Please join us for this retreat.

$350 for current members, $420 for others.