7-Day Sesshin

7/21/2019, 7:00pm - 7/28/2019, 7:00am at Myoshinji

Sesshin begins Sunday evening, July 21 with informal dinner at 5:30 PM followed by procedures instruction. The formal sesshin begins at 7 PM with Fusatsu. Sesshin ends with informal brunch on Sunday, July 28 following Shuso Hossen (Dharma Combat) with Shuso Bonnie Myosen Nadzam at 9AM. On Saturday evening, July 27, we will have Honsoku Gyocha, a ceremony with formal serving of tea and an announcement of the koan that will be the subject of the Dharma Combat the next day. The suggested donation for this sesshin is $350 for members, $420 for non-members, which includes all meals and accommodations. Part time participation is allowed for this sesshin.

Shuso Hossen (sometimes translated as Dharma Combat), includes elegant ceremony, a procession with bells and drum rolls, dignified chanting of the Heart Sutra and even a dramatic entrance. The heart of the event is a lively interchange between the shuso and participants. The shuso gives a short talk on a koan and then gives pithy and sometimes enigmatic or humorous responses to questions from participants ("dragons and elephants") during the fast-paced dialogue that follows. Completion of this ceremony marks a rite of passage for a student transitioning to a senior role in the community. Shuso hossen takes place Sunday morning, July 28 at 9 AM followed by informal brunch. Anyone is welcome to attend shuso hossen even if not attending the rest of the sesshin.

On Saturday evening, July 27, we hold a beautiful ceremony called Honsoku Gyocha (which translates as Main Case Tea). This ceremony includes the ringing the bell 108 times as the evening settles in, and an announcement of what koan (case) the shuso will present, followed by formal tea and cookies served in the zendo.

$350 for current members, $420 for others.