Maezumi Roshi Memorial Zazenkai

5/17/2019, 5:30pm - 5/19/2019, 9:00am at Myoshinji

This retreat honors the memory our founder, Koun Taizan Maezumi Roshi, Myoyu Roshi's teacher. Maezumi Roshi received Dharma transmission from Hakujun Kuroda, Roshi, in 1955 and also received approval from both Koryu Osaka Roshi, and Hakuun Yasutani Roshi. In 1967, Maezumi Roshi established the Zen Center of Los Angeles.

The zazenkai begins Friday evening with informal dinner at 5:30 followed by instruction. The formal retreat begins at 8 PM. The retreat concludes on Sunday morning. Participants may attend part time if unable to be at the entire zazenkai. The cost of this retreat is $75 and includes overnight lodging Friday & Saturday, as well as all meals.