Three-Day Sesshin

1/23/2020, 5:30pm - 1/26/2020, 9:00am at Myoshinji

This is our first sesshin of the New Year. The talks given during this sesshin will emphasize the Bodhisattva Precepts and the Zen Peacemaker Three Tenets as fundamental to personal and collective harmony and peace.

Informal dinner will be offered at 5:30 on Thursday night, followed by zendo and oryoki instruction for those needing it. Sesshin begins formally at 7 PM with Fusatsu (Renewal of our Vows). Fusatsu consists of a short sitting period, follow by a council circle and finally the chanting ceremony.

Sesshin concludes with the Gate of Sweet Nectar Ceremony, renewing our commitment to serving those who are marginalized, forgotten, and suffering without relief. Please bring non perishable goods for the local food pantry.

All meals are served in the traditional style using monastic eating bowls and utensils called oryoki. Oryoki sets are required and may be purchased or rented.
Cost of this sesshin is $150 for members, $180 for others and includes all meals and accommodations.

$150 for current members, $180 for others.