Summer 2011 Intensive, Full Schedule

Prices: Non-members GPZC members
Entire Summer Intensive Practice Period (6/20 -7/14) $600 $540
Each Module (see dates below) 180 150
Daily rate (includes regular and special events that day) 50 40

Note: Participants are welcome to arrive the evening before. The fifth day of each module has a partial day schedule. All other days include a full schedule of zazen (Zen meditation), services, work and vegetarian meals. Special events during each module are listed below. Please click on each special activity for more information, or see a sample daily schedule.

Also please note that we are happy to accommodate custom schedules, and while the daily rates listed above generally apply to individual days, we are able to offer the per-module rate for any contiguous block of four full days, even if it's not one of the modules listed below. For example, if you planned to attend from July 3 to July 7, you would be charged the rate for one single module ($150 for GPZC members, $180 for others).

Since pricing for custom schedules is a bit complicated, we will ask that you pay only a $35 deposit upon registration, and we will work with you to determine the correct fee. (For other registrations, you'll have the choice between paying the deposit or the full amount when registering.)

To register for the entire practice period, click here:
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(any number of individual days or events, see above)
To register for individual modules, see below.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us to register.

Module I – June 20-24

Monday, 6/20 – Yoga class with Cathy Hauck
Tuesday, 6/21 – Second Harvest Community Service Project, Study class.
Wednesday, 6/22 – Yoga class with Cathy Hauck

7 PM "Appreciate Your Life: Ongoing Practice; Everyday practice; Everyday koan," Rev. Elihu Genmyo Smith, Resident teacher, Prairie Zen Center

Thursday, 6/23 – Study class
Friday, 6/24 – Day of rest/optional schedule after breakfast.

Module II – June 25 – 29

Saturday, 6/25 – 10:30 AM Walking the Buddha’s Path to Recovery: The Precepts, 12 Steps, and Concepts of Living a Whole Life Through Recovery, Dr. David Kaiun Beighley, Beighley Consulting Associates, PLLC, Study class
Sunday, 6/26 – 2 PM The Practice of Mindful Cooking, Matt Shingetsu Hellige, Tenzo (Head Cook), Great Plains Zen Center
Monday, 6/27 - Yoga class with Cathy Hauck
Tuesday, 6/28 -
Second Harvest Community Service Project, Study class
Wednesday, 6/29 - Optional schedule after breakfast.

1:30 – 4:00 "Backyard stream health: 'chems, 'critters, and 'crobes". Field work with Dr. Jim Palmer in our nearby streams (limited to 15 participants)

7 PM "Creek Connections: Connecting Kids with Creeks" Dr. Jim Palmer, Professor of Environmental Science, Allegheny College, Project Director of Creek Connections

Module III – June 30 – July 4

Thursday, 6/30 – Study class

7 PM Following the Fragrant Grasses: A Zen Writing Workshop Rev. John Gendo Wolff, Professor of Humanities, West Shore College

Friday, 7/1 – Yoga class with Cathy Hauck

7PM The writings of Zen Master Takuan, Dr. Dennis Lishka, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh

Saturday, 7/2 – 10:30 The Gate of Sweet Nectar Ceremony, Rev. Myoyu Andersen, Resident teacher, Great Plains Zen Center, Study class
Sunday, 7/3 – Study class
Monday, 7/4 – Day of rest/optional schedule after breakfast. Happy Fourth of July!

Module IV – July 5 – 9

Tuesday, 7/5 - Second Harvest Community Service Project, Study class
Wednesday, 7/6 – Yoga class with Cathy Hauck
Thursday, 7/7 – Study class
Friday, 7/8 – Yoga class with Cathy Hauck

7PM “This is Your Brain on Meditation: Teaching the Science of Meditation’s Impact on the Brain” Dr. Roc Ordman, Professor of Biochemistry, Beloit College

Saturday, 7/9 – 10:30 AM “Reading and Being Read By Mahāyāna Sūtras” Dr. Natalie Gummer, Associate Professor in the Religious Studies Program, Beloit College, Optional schedule after lunch

Module V – July 10 – 14

Sunday, 7/10 – 2PM Dharma Talk by Rev. Tonen O’Connor, Resident priest, Milwaukee Zen Center
Monday, 7/11 – Study class

7PM "Enlightenment Isn't Something Terribly Holy." Rev. Zuiko Redding, Resident teacher, Cedar Rapids Zen Center

Tuesday, 7/12 - Second Harvest Community Service Project, Study class
Wednesday, 7/13 – Study class
Thursday, 7/14 – Closing of Summer Intensive after breakfast.

Seven-Day Sesshin – July 15-22

Note: Not part of Intensive, separate registration required. Click here to go to sesshin registration.

Friday, 7/15 - Fusatsu Ceremony (Renewal of Vows)
Saturday, 7/16 – 10:30 AM "The Vital Process of Going Beyond Buddha", from a writing by Dogen. Rev. Taigen Dan Leighton, Guiding Dharma Teacher, Ancient Dragon Zen Gate